Oh The Insanity! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Written by Ashley


After meeting the cast of the highly anticipated debut of th Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Betty Confidential… I’m remote & glass of guilty-pleasure Pinot in hand ready for some DVR action.

image via Jezebel

Kathy Hilton’s sisters (I’m guessing Kathy wasn’t available, as she’s constantly on call to bail her daughter out of jail), a venture capitalist( another Vicki?!), a restraunteur with the last name VanderPump (nope, it’s a real last name, I couldn’t make that up if I tried), Kelsey Grammer’s wife (not for long!) and some other sloots will be running around flaunting their “assets” and getting in to all sorts of cat fights that will likely consume my evenings in with Steph eating pop-tarts & drinking cheap wine.

Will you be watching the heinous ridiculocity this season? Or are you over the country caring so much about these pointless (but talented as CRAP) icons?

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