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Older Women in Lingerie Prove Confidence is Available at Any Age

Written by Bryce

Older women wearing lingerie FTW

She’s 50-something and proving older women in lingerie shoots are not only beautiful, but inspiring.

You don’t have to be the type to approve of glamorous lingerie spreads to see there’s limitless beauty in women beyond the typical age of fashion models (read: super young) discovering and rediscovering their confidence.  A Scottish former punk rock scenester is doing just that, too, in her newly released modeling images for one of New Zealand’s most popular boutique lingerie labels, Lonely Lingerie.

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Lonely Lingerie

Mercy Brewer, pictured here, is 56 years old and down to challenge all the beauty standards we’ve grown accustomed to, because we’re pretty sure the idea of older women in lingerie wasn’t something you either thought of previously or found appealing. It should be though, because if you’re a woman, there’s a 100% chance you’ll end up older if you keep living (fingers crossed for you), and we assume you’ll want to keep feeling beautiful, too.

Lonely Lingerie

The images were shot by photographer Harry Were, and were meant to be a deliberate anti-establishment poetic move by Mercy — because real punk lives in the soul.

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“Perceptions of beauty have and always will change, therefore I think we can conclude its standard is not set in stone and new beauty is always waiting to be discovered,” she said of her shoot. “I believe we are in a moment in time where older women’s beauty has been a startling revelation. If we don’t recognize it we, every one of us, deny ourselves a future to look forward to.”

Lonely Lingerie

Can Mercy just adopt us all and raise every human female with the confidence she deserves already?

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