OMG You Can Personalize Yankee Candles Now

Written by Bryce

You can personalize Yankee Candles now and OMG it’s everything.

Remember when you were a kid and all your friends had toothbrushes with their names and backpacks with their initials, but you had a totally weird name or spelling and missed out on all that fun? Yankee Candle is making up for lost time, and actually allowing customers to print their names and even photos directly onto their candles. Hello from the other side, where you can personalize Yankee Candles and it’s glorious. This is as sweet as the time chocolate babka donuts were invented, and that other time when we found out mermaids are vegans.

The process is beyond great for candle and aromatherapy enthusiasts, but also for coworkers with complicated names, your too-ethnic-for-a-personalized-truck-stop-name-license-plate best friend, and people who just like to indulge their own egos.

All you have to do is go to YankeeCandle.com/personalized and pick your scent, size, and upload your art.

You can personalize Yankee Candles with just about anything

I have one already that says The Luxury Spot on it, but you can go wild and upload photos of your wedding, your kids, your dog, or just about anything else and pass ’em out to grandparents, teachers, babysitters, and the rest of the village responsible for keeping your life together. It’s an adorable, affordable way to say “I wouldn’t survive without you!”

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