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Written by Bryce

As a new mom, I’m pretty much obsessed with getting it “right” for this little bundle of joy.

A few months ago I got the greatest starter gift of onesies and little tees from Fierce Hugs, a line of 100% ORGANIC cooler-than-any-adult fashions for the wee ones in your life.

Fierce Hugs Organic Onesie, $24

Fierce Hugs Organic Onesie, $24

You might be wondering why bother to dress your baby in organics if he/she is just going to spit up or piss in it anyway… but the real truth is, you don’t want harsh chemicals rubbing up against your baby’s precious skin.  And, if you’re looking for the perfect baby gift for a friend, or a way to spoil a new nephew or niece, organics are THE way to do it.

Until now, organic baby clothes have been simple, plain, and dare I say: boring.

Fierce Hugs is changing all that with top level illustrators creating gorgeous threads, colors that I would personally kill to wear, and motifs that will make my soon-to-be-son a lot cooler than all the other nerdy babies on the street.

I happen to love this rockstar onesie (and got it for my baby) for $24!  Organic cotton with serious style, what’s not to love?!

Fierce Hugs is offering The Luxury Spot Readers 25% OFF ALL ORDERS!


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