Childhood Cartoons Simulating Anal

perverted 90s cartoons
Written by Gary

Simulating anal = proof that 90s cartoons were actually really perverted.

Angry beavers doing it doggy style.

I have gone back several times in my adulthood and tried to watch cartoons from the 80s and 90s. The humor is different and the clothes are horrible, but one fact stands out from all the rest: childhood cartoons are really perverted.

We have all seen the dick castle in The Little Mermaid, and the word ‘sex’ spelled out in leaves during The Lion King, but the tv cartoons were the real culprits. Imagine that you were a bored animator spending 60 hours a week drawing cartoons for kids who didn’t even realize what they were watching. I am sure you would have hidden a few genitals in there, too.

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Take a look at these gifs, and kiss your childhood goodbye. Also, if you’re not into simulating anal, bye girl bye right now.

perverted 90s cartoons

The mice from Cinderella engaging in some light anal bead play.

perverted 90s cartoons

The Teletubbies enjoying some Sunday morning rimming.

perverted 90s cartoons

Tom and Jerry giving it to each other hardcore.

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