Proof of Ghosts: This Spooky AF School Security Video

Written by Bryce

Need proof of ghosts being real? Check out this spooky school security video.

Did you just eat? Sorry, too bad, what you’re about to see is going to make your stomach a little wonky if you’re the easily spooked type. Why? Because it’s flat out proof of ghosts, and the video has all the door slamming and locker shaking you’ll ever need to see to believe in the idea that spirits really can be trapped between the worlds.


Students at Deerpark CBS in Cork, Ireland can now add Proof of Ghosts Existing: 101 to this semester’s studies. Note to self: stay away from Cork, Ireland if the opportunity to get paid to travel ever arises.

We’re hardly ghost detectives, but it seems pretty clear that this spirit is extremely upset. Was he assigned a load of endless homework in the afterlife? It’s hard to say, but you can see clearly in the October 1, 2017 footage that he is extraordinarily pissy about life (death?), and not afraid to show it. The video was shot at roughly 3 AM in an otherwise deserted hallway, and there’s just no reasonable explanation.


If you get into the video about 10 or 15 seconds, you’ll see the doorway at the end of the hall slamming. Keep your sound on, by the way. But it gets better, and if you stay tuned for the entire video you’ll notice lockers flying about and all sorts of ghost-related chaos.

So what say you? Do you believe this video is valid proof of ghosts being real? Or is it all some well thought out hoax?

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