Pizza Flavored Ice Cream Exists Now

Written by Bryce

Does the world actually need pizza flavored ice cream?

We’re going to let you be the judge of this deep and super mystical question. We’re just here to present all the journalistic facts, so let’s hop to it, but fair warning, this will likely just feed your pre-existing pizza addiction.

Philadelphia’s Little Baby’s Ice Cream made the bizarre concoction humanity always fantasized about but never imagined would ever become a reality. Basic cheese pizza flavored ice cream is totally a thing, and it’s got all the expected flavor components of a traditional slice. Each cold cone lick will give you hints of tomato, oregano, basil, salt, garlic, and all the delish dairy your soul obviously craves.

Pizza flavor ice cream is obviously not for the faint of heart or the type who thinks cafe au lait soft serve is too wild to handle, and it’s probably not a great way to top off a date night either — I mean, who needs a mouth full of garlicky dessert after a four course savory dinner? Nobody, that’s who. But the idea of pizza ice cream atop a cold bowl of gazpacho? That’s something we can really get behind — a food concept we’re ready to endorse on a sweltering summer evening. If you’re thinking pizza is too fattening, let go, the future is now and science has figured out that there are many health benefits of pizza we can all appreciate. Amen for these modern times.

Pizza: A Totally Suitable Dinner Pizza Ice Cream: ________

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According to their website, they’ve got a selection of vegan ice creams too, and we’d be excited to see if there’s ever a vegan pizza flavored ice cream on the menu, because again, gazpacho season is upon us.

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