Pregnant Animals = proof it’s hard for all beings

pregnant animals
Written by Gary

Animals hate being pregnant too!

These pregnant animals are super over it, and they feel your pain.

pregnant animals

Anyone who has ever been pregnant will tell you that it isn’t a cake-walk. Even those super-cutesy Pinterest and Instagram moms that make it look so easy with their makeup, and fashionable maternity-wear are secretly screaming inside for their baby to evacuate from their dance floor. Although I have tried many times, I have never gotten pregnant since I don’t have a vadge, but I know a lot of women that have, and the one thing they have in common is that at times they were just totally over it.

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These pregnant animals are no exception to that rule, so if you are feeling super pregnant too, maybe seeing their misery will make you feel a little better. Or maybe it’ll just bring you back to a bigger, huger time in your life with the faint scent of gorillas and pregnancy wafting through the air. And puke. Let us not forget the puke.

pregnant animals pregnant animals pregnant animals

This goat is all my female family members at their 38 week appointments.

pregnant animals

Can frogs even get pregnant? Is that an egg situation? Whatever, this face captures everyone’s first trimester.

pregnant animals pregnant animals pregnant animals

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