Ever Asked Yourself What to Wear to Brunch?

brunch suits
Written by Gary

The brunch suit.

Chubbies clothier has created the perfect brunching outfit.

brunch suits

If you are a girl, a gay guy, or a straight yuppie, chances are you have battled with the dilemma of what to wear to brunch. Brunch is important not only as a great time to catch up with friends, but also as a way to make everyone on your Instagram jealous about how fucking fancy you are. The only unfortunate part of brunch (for homos at least) is that it lasts 11 hours, and you always end up shit-faced at work the following day (which is inevitably a Monday).

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Luckily, Chubbies has created a line of brunch-wear that makes all these things a little more tolerable. Their new shirts and shorts come in such fancy patterns, that mimosas and bloody marys will probably rain from the sky when you walk in the restaurant. And if not, the patterns are definitely conversation starters, because they are so ugly that they are awesome, and that is a hard thing to accomplish.

brunch suits brunch suits brunch suits

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