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Written by Ashley

So, as I’ve proclaimed before… I’m not the most wrinkly gal in the world… but late nights, hot sun, and good old stress has given me a couple of wee lines & wrinkles that I could do without.  So I tried  out the tested & 94% effective Skin Authority Wrinkle Reversing Serum, after consulting with Skin Authority CEO & Founder Celeste Hilling ( click to find out about the Wrinkle Reversing Serum’s SGF-4 Technologyâ„¢).  And I can honestly state that Celeste had THE most amazing skin I’ve ever seen on a human. No joke.  Needless to say, upon meeting her – I trusted in her suggestions as THE Skin Authority.

Yes. A serum, on my usually combination/oily face.  I know, sounds completely backwards, but I felt this to be more a thin gel rather than a slickity-gooey- serum.  But either way– this stuff works!!! I applied as directed, twice daily for the 1st week, and once at night for the 2nd week- and noticed serious results in the texture of my skin, while noticing lines ( i have worry lines on my forehead)  virtually disappearing.  I still have a little while to go before the 4 week suggested trial is up… but I just had to give you guys this info if you’re worrying about your worry lines, like I am.

Wrinkle Reversing Serum with SGF-4 Technology, 0.6 oz / 18 ml   $125
Wrinkle Reversing Serum with SGF-4 Technology, 0.6 oz / 18 ml $125

The use of Skin Authority’s  SGF-4 Technologyâ„¢ did the trick… It harnesses the power of four natural skin nourishing proteins called Skin Growth Factors to immediately transform depleted, damaged cells.  And everything is derived from skin cells.

Now, If I can only stop being such a worrying Wanda, maybe my face can stay 23 forever!

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