Vodka: it’s what’s for dinner!

watermelon Forget cooking.   When it’s 95F and 95% humidity, the only thing I want is air conditioning and watermelon.   Its delectable  thirst-quenching pink goodness that melts on your tongue is impossible to resist.  Watermelon is also good for you!   It’s high in Vitamin C and is a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin B, the latter being instrumental in energy production.  Watermelon is packed with important antioxidants and it helps you keep hydrated on hot summer days.

Best way to cool off and survive this heat?  Fix up a delicious cocktail and forgo all responsibilities.  And, if it’s also full of the good stuff like beta carotene, who’s gonna say no?

Here are a couple of ideas:

Vodka Watermelon:  It’s a Meal AND a Drink, in One!

1. Get a small or medium sized watermelon.  Cut out the top in a triangle.  Save the triangle.  Poke some holes inside with a knife, a fork or – better yet – a chopstick.  Now take the vodka out of the freezer (i like Finlandia or Russian Standard) and slowly pour some in.  Use your own preferences (and judgment)  here, but in general you will need about a shot/ shot and a half per person.
2. Cover the top with the triangle you saved and stick it back in the fridge. Even better if you tape it shut and roll it around a couple of times.
3. Take it out after about 30 min (later is fine, too), cut it up and feed to unsuspecting guests.

Watermelon Ice Cubes

1. Cut up the goodness, or buy pre-cut.  Stick it in the freezer in a plastic bin.

2. Use instead of ice cubes.  Watermelon ice cubes are especially and unexpectedly delicious in gin with a slice of lime and in Rosé wines.


Special superpower?  Save the watermelon rinds.  They may be nature’s Viagra.

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a personal chef (, artist and cat-herder extraordinaire living in Boston. Born and raised in Siberia, Anna loves exploring culture, food, wine and meeting strangers along the way. Anna enjoys Lancôme mascara, Japanese street fashion, cheese and European soccer. She is getting her MBA degree from The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis.


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