Rant of the Week: Some Thoughts on the Presidency

Romney presidential election
Written by Gary

Romney presidential election

Politics are not now, nor have they ever been my forte. Regardless of that though, I found it damn near impossible to keep from getting pulled into this election. I went out and got hammered on Tuesday night to celebrate 4 more years of progression, and afterwards me and my roommate (the last 2 people in the world who should ever have a political discussion) ended up getting in a heated argument about Obama and Romney. He made a lot of valid points, but the one that struck home the most was when he said that gay people will continue to fight for their rights, so it doesn’t really matter whether or not the president is for the civil rights of everyone, because it will happen eventually anyway.

I agree with this. There is no way we aren’t going to win this battle, and one day we will look back on it and wonder how on Earth it took so long (much like we do regarding slavery and interracial marriage etc). What I don’t agree with is that it doesn’t matter who the president is. The president is probably the most influential person in the country (besides of course, Oprah). What the president stands for and believes in directly effects the viewpoints of the entire country. All policies, promises, and red tape aside, I would much rather vote for a man who stands for equal rights for every American in the country, rather than a man who stands against it.

Everyone jokes that gay people are the ones that style your hair and make your clothes, but they are also your mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, and personal trainers. We live in a country where it isn’t openly accepted, so for all you know, your dog may be gay. Obama envisions a world without that kind of prejudice, and I stand behind him.

Say what you will about the president, but I really believe that in the way of civil rights, the correct decision was made. America was founded on the idea that we would be free from religious persecution, and yet Christian ideals are still preventing gay couples everywhere from access to their rights. Obama will move forward in that regard and take our country to another level of progressive civilization.

So all of you out there bitching about the fact that he won, can suck it.


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  • while I totally agree with you that we should have a president who supports gay rights and stands agzins any prejudice, this president is NOT good for this coutry, he will raise taxes, get us more into debt and we will never be a super power again. Seriously, he will raise taxes on overyone who makes over 250000, since he considers that “rich”. As someone who lived in a socialistic country and have desire to do so again.

  • And how do you propose we do that? Leave our jobs that barely permit us to live in NY, get a job at McDonalds and go on welfare? There is a huge difference between supporting to supporting those who can’t support themselves and those who choose to rely on the government and tax payers.

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