Rebecca Black Comments on International Trade Updates

Written by Bryce

Rebecca Black commenting on international trade is enough to end 2011 on a perfect note.

I think it’s pretty obvious that we all look to Rebecca Black for her musings on politics, life policy, and most importantly- world economics. I found this tweet particularly inspiring:

The island nation of Samoa will leapfrog over Friday straight into Saturday as it repositions itself west of the international date line in order to bring its time zone into alignment with other countries in the region.

Over a century ago, American traders convinced Samoan officials to move the country’s clocks east of the date line in order to bring it in line with the time zone in neighboring American Samoa, thereby providing the US with more ideal trading conditions.

However, since then, Australia and New Zealand have superseded the US in trading importance, and the decision was made to reposition Samoa closer to Australasia.

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