Relationship Spotting: How Did You Spend National BFF Day?

Written by Casey

How Did You Spend National BFF Day?

Two scenarios for National BFF Day, displayed by two of my best friends.

Scenario One: An actual text message that occurred between my friend Michele and I from Friday June, 8:

Me: Did you know tomorrow is national BFF day?

Michele: How would I know that? That’s a made up holiday. Every day is best friends day.

Scenario Two:

I spent Saturday with my other best friend Cerise going to farmers markets, riding on a ferris wheel, going on a run, eating gluten-free chocolate cookies, painting our nails, getting our ears pierced, talking about boys and sex, and watching movies.

The truth is, is that these are things we always do when we are together. Regardless of what Facebook reminded us, we spent the day doing things we always do with each other: being ourselves. I think Michele was right, when you have really great friends, you don’t need a national holiday to celebrate your best friends.

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