Relationship Spotting: The pro’s and con’s of internet dating

Written by Gary

The entire process of dating has changed with our generation, and as with any other generation there are pros and cons to how we communicate.

Remember the days before the internet? People actually met in person before they went on dates. People called and had long conversations instead of sitting at a computer exacerbating their carpal tunnel by both typing and incessantly masturbating. People met a lot less people in their lives. So is the preponderance of the internet in our dating lives a good thing or a bad thing?

Pro: You can sort of feel out who a person is before meeting them in person, or wasting money and gas. If someone is a creepy weirdo you have a chance to pick up on it beforehand and avoid your fate ass-up in the trunk of their car bound with duct tape.

Con: You lose context. You may miss out on awesome people because of the way they appear online. You may also judge someone totally intelligent for spelling errers (we all do it).

Pro: You meet a lot more people. If you really believe there is one person out there for you then constantly chatting up a bunch of people at any given time gives you a better chance of meeting them. Too bad there is no charm school for internet interaction.

Con: Over-saturation. Since meeting people is so easy, the guy you meet on OK Cupid can set up 3 dates in one night. If one tiny thing goes wrong, such as your nipple looks wonky, your armpits smell like chowder, or you get an entire asian buffet stuck between your teeth, it’s no sweat on his end since he has other options.

Pro: You can see someone’s flaws up-front. If they have detrimental factors such as a receding hairline, wrinkly old rat-face, man-titties or (ugh) children you know before you go. And if those things are deal breakers for you, you can decide to move on.

Con: Photoshop.

The entire process of dating has changed with our generation, and as with any other generation there are pros and cons to how we communicate. I guess the most important thing is that we continually put ourselves out there, willing to open ourselves up and fall for people no matter what methods or languages we use. The words I love you mean the same thing whether chatted, texted, sang, screamed in bed, or etched into your B-hole with a knife by some guy you met on craigslist.

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  • There are no “pros” to online dating and only “cons.” I do much better in person. Women are only online, by and large, to stroke their egos and not really to meet men. They blow off dates too easily when they so much as make them. It’s a total waste of time.

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