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The Raw Food Diet: How to Make it Work for You

Written by andy

Follow these tips to help you succeed on the Raw Food Diet…

The Raw Food Diet is one of the most popular diets these days. For many people, the idea of eating ONLY raw foods holds a lot of appeal. After all, they’re getting rid of all the processed and artificial food in their lives, something that most of us are pretty tired of. By following the raw food diet, you can reset your metabolism and cleanse your body.

But it’s not an easy diet to follow. The fact that you’re only eating raw foods can be quite the challenge! Here are some tips to help you get through the Raw Food Diet alive:

  1. Stop worrying about the labels — When eating raw, you can’t be so worried about calories, macros, and percentages. You’re going to have a hard time getting enough of certain nutrients (protein, mainly), so stop worrying about the labels. Just stick to eating the raw foods, and eating enough that your body has the energy it needs.
  2. The more nutrients, the better –– Yes, lettuce may be easier on the palate than kale, but the darker and more flavorful the veggie and fruit, the healthier it is! Find the foods that contain the most nutrients, and eat as much of those as possible!
  3. Know why you’re doing it –– Are you on the Raw Food Diet to lose weight? It’s not an effective weight loss diet! Your goal of trying to Raw Food Diet should be to reset your body and give it a break from all the chemicals and toxins you’re used to eating.
  4. Be prepared to suffer withdrawals –– As you cut pre-packaged, refined, and processed food from your life, you’re going to find that your body craves those foods. It can be hard to get used to a diet free of those things, and it’s common for people on the Raw Food Diet to suffer from “food withdrawals”. Just power through those cravings, and you’ll be fine!

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  1. Prepare to eat A LOT –– If you’re used to a high-carb or high-protein diet, you’re probably used to eating a lot of food. The quantity of fruits and veggies you’ll eat on the Raw Food Diet is going to be pretty hefty, as you’ll be used to having a full stomach. Don’t worry about it! If you feel hungry, eat. Hunger is your body telling you that it needs food, so make it a point to give it what it needs.
  2. Make the small healthy choices — Changing your diet from one day to the next can be pretty tough, not to mention hard to follow through! Why not give yourself a few weeks to get used to the diet before you jump in with both feet? Start cutting carbs, protein, and processed food from your diet in the weeks leading up to the beginning of your Raw Food Diet, and start eating more raw foods.
  3. Listen to your body –– Your body will tell you when you’re hungry, when it needs more liquid, or when you should eat something a bit heavier. You’ll have to ignore its demands for artificial food, but listen to it when it asks for fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, or sprouted grains. It knows best!
  4. It gets better –– The diet may be pretty rough at the onset, but it does get better! Give your body time to get used to the new eating habits, and you’ll find that you feel a whole lot better in just a few short weeks.

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