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The New Ruthie Davis x Disney Shoe Collection is a Mind Trip

ruthis davis x disney frozen 2 collection
Written by Fareeha Shahid

The new Ruthie Davis x Disney Frozen 2 collection is everything Anna and Elsa would want. We just can’t let any of these shoes go, and we haven’t been this excited since Kim Kardashian sweats and pajamas dropped.

Ruthie Davis x Disney Frozen 2

The universe and Ruthie Davis have answered the people’s prayers, giving us this glorious Ruthie Davis x Disney collab. Elsa, we’re so not letting it go. And yes, this is obviously just what you should be wearing as you waltz over to your bestie’s house to watch whatever’s popping up on Disney+.


ruthie davis x disney, Elsa inspired Heels

Holiday 2019 is when (yes, that’s now) fans and patrons of the Frozen movies franchise will be able to purchase the new footwear collection based on the theme of Disney’s Frozen 2, as a Ruthie Davis x Disney collaboration.

“I was very much inspired to design this collection as it is very sensory involved,” explained Ruthie of this swoon-worthy mashup. “You can feel the icy temperatures, see the incredibly rich and multi-dimensional forest hues, touch the soft luscious materials and hear the swirling Nordic wind spirit.”

ruthie davis x disney, anna inspired boots

People who are constructively in love with Anna and Elsa’s sisterhood will revel in the magic that comes with Swarovski crystal-encrusted stilettos, glittery ankle boots with PVC accents with a magical twist, and even platform sneakers!

ruthie davis x disney, Elsa inspired Heels

The Ruthie Davis x Disney collab includes sandals, sneakers, and boots with a prices ranging between $600 – $900, making sure only a true princess can access them. But enough about crying royal tears.

They are currently available at in very limited quantities. Want to see if they fit perfectly before you get them online? You can visit the Christian Siriano Store in New York City, a much-needed shoe answer to the heartbreaking news of Manolo Blahnik’s flagship store closing.

  ruthie davis x disney, elsa inspired

Why limit the magic of your own individual taste?

The collection is based on two distinct groups based — Elsa inspired, and Anna Inspired. Since both of the sisters have their own persona which is poles apart, the collection is based keeping in view their individual allure.

ruthie davis x disney, elsa inspired heels

This wedge-like platform is arguable one of our favorites from the collection, evoking a high-class 1997 Delia’s girl vibe.

ruthie davis x disney, anna inspired sneakers


Shop the collection here.

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