Japanese Schoolboys Throw Cross Dressing Beauty Pageants

schoolboy beauty pageants
Written by Gary

Apparently, cross-dressing schoolboy beauty pageants are a thing in Japan.

schoolboy beauty pageants

I don’t normally say this, but I wish America would take a note from Japan.

Every year, at Komaba all-boys High School in Tokyo, there is a beauty pageant for the most beautiful cross-dressing teenage boys. The pageant is part of their ‘Culture Day’ which is held all over the country. As part of the show, boys dress up in wigs (synthetic, obviously, from the photos), makeup, and dresses, and are judged on how cute they look. Results are shared on Twitter, and as you can see, some of them look pretty damn convincing.

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Komaba High School is one of the most reputable prep schools in Tokyo, so the fact that they allow this says a lot about the progression of gender issues in this country. Can you imagine this going down in a celebrated way somewhere in West Texas? No, because the only celebration would be the Westboro Baptist Church when they burned the city to the ground.

I am waiting for Alabama, Florida, and Georgia to jump on the schoolboy beauty pageant bandwagon… or at least offer the option of “crossdressing club” to the roster of French, glee, and 4H clubs.

schoolboy beauty pageants

schoolboy beauty pageants

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