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Secret Fall Beauty Weapon: Double Duty Beauty

Written by Bryce

Double duty beauty products cut down on time and clutter– who doesn’t love that?

Since you already know that I live in NYC, it’s fair to assume that I don’t have TONS of extra medicine cabinet real estate. In other words, all my beauty products are required to do double duty so I can cut down on space, clutter, and headaches. I have a few secret weapons in my beauty arsenal that do big time double duty. Here’s my absolute, non-negotiable beauty checklist:

1. PONDS Dry Skin Cream. Aside from being an obvious moisturizer, the texture is so velvety that I have no need for a separate primer. It layers like a champ under makeup (liquid, powder, or hybrid) and that’s saying a lot since most of the pricier makeup counter creams get that weird pilling effect when you put makeup on top. It’s derm tested, hypoallergenic, and perfect for my often sensitive skin. I keep one of the smaller jars on my work desk, too, because it’s the most hydrating little tub and has SO many uses (is it weird that I use it on my cuticles every single day, too?). Totally affordable at drugstores everywhere, so you won’t cry if your bestie swipes it. Available at Walgreens.

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2. Gel eyeliner. Any eyeliner will work, but I happen to love gel formulas because they take up almost no space in my cabinet, glide on smooth, allow precision lining if necessary, and are also the easiest to smudge into the lash line or lid crease for a totally different, smoldering look. Buxom makes one of my faves, and is available here.

3. A do-it-all-palette. I don’t have time, space, or energy for the 19 different cutesy palettes I would love to own. I happen to love this Shimmer Strips palette by Physicians Formula because it wears well, offers a ton of colors (everything from a deep coppery brown to a pale frosty pink highlighter). I use the pale shades on the inside corners of my eyes and brow bones to highlight, and the brown shades in the creases of my lids. Perfecto. Available here.

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4. Q-tips. They’re good for all the obvious applications, but, I actually dab a tiny bit of the PONDS Dry Skin Cream on the end of a Q-tip (seriously the tiniest amount) to clean up any eye makeup mishaps. The cream helps the Q-tip glide over the skin, only taking off the rogue makeup, leaving the skin totally calm (instead of the redness and irritation a plain old finger might leave). Q-tips Precision Tips are available here.

This post was sponsored but I really do use and love PONDS products every single day.

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