She-Sheds, the Female Alternative to Man Caves

she sheds
Written by Gary

She sheds, the female man caves.

She-sheds are for women who, like men, need their own space.

she sheds

I won’t pretend to understand the complexities of heterosexual relationships, because I believe, like a good little homo, that if men and women were intended to be together, they would have both been born with penises. That being said, one thing I totally understand is the need for your own personal space, especially when in a relationship.

Man caves have always been a thing; a forbidden place of big screen tvs, tacky bar décor, and worn out recliners with sticky armrests. Since ‘nobody puts baby in a corner’, it was only a matter of time before a female version came about. She-sheds are a place for females to relax, unwind, gather some alone-time, and talk about vaginas. Unlike man caves, which are typically located in the spare bedroom or unfinished basement, she-sheds are located outside where flattering, feminine light can filter through windows, cast upon cruelty-free repurposed yoga mats, or reading nooks covered in heaps of pillows.

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So if you are the type of gal that truly needs her alone time and have the space to spare, it may be time to join the she-shed revolution.

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