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10 Signs You’re Aging Too Fast

Written by andy

Keep an eye on the mirror to catch these signs…

You may not be looking forward to growing old, but the truth is that it’s just the way life works. As every year passes, your body gets a bit slower, has a few more problems, and breaks down just a bit more. Eventually, you’ll reach the age when your body stops working well, and that’s when you suffer from serious health problems.

But for now, you’re in the prime of your life, and it’s time to watch out for the signs that your body is aging. Here are a few indications you’re aging a bit too fast:

  1. Constipation — Oddly enough, regular constipation could be a sign that your digestive muscles are weakening, as well as a lack of fiber, overmedicating, and even conditions like diabetes. According to the HuffPost [1], it’s estimated that at least 40% of all older adults suffer from digestive problems.
  2. Forgetfulness — You don’t have to be very old to start forgetting things. Once you hit the big 5-0, your brain function starts to decline. Don’t freak out if you’re forgetting things, but make an effort to keep that brain sharp!
  3. Dry mouth — If you wake up during the night and in the morning with serious cottonmouth, you may be aging faster than normal. It could be the result of taking too many medications, smoking, sleep apnea, or even a serious health condition.
  4. Poor Skin Tone — Is your skin looking dry, even, and a bit dull? If so, you may be getting old too quickly. Your skin’s cellular turnover rate may have decreased, and a buildup of dead skin cells gives your skin that dull look. It could also be a sign your kidneys are having problems, so it’s time to take care of your skin!
  5. Bloodshot Eyes — Red eyes aren’t just caused by too much time spent in front of the computer screen, but they can be the result of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. If you feel an ache in your joints along with your bloodshot eyes, it’s time to get to the doctor!

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  1. Loss of Smell — If your sense of smell is diminishing, it could be a sign that you’re suffering from Parkinson’s disease. This disorder causes degeneration of your nervous system, which worsens as time progresses.
  2. Toe Bumps — Check your toes to see if there are bumps forming between the tip of your toes and the toenails. If there are, it means that there is a lack of blood reaching the extremities–possibly the result of cardiovascular disorders.
  3. Hairless Toes and Feet — Everyone has SOME hair on their feet, but if your feet have no hair, it could be a sign of a serious buildup of plaque in your arteries. Too much plaque means not enough blood reaches your extremities, and you could be one unhealthy meal away from a serious heart attack.
  4. Thinning Hair — You don’t have to be old to go bald, but balding is usually considered a sign of aging. However, even if the hair doesn’t FALL out, it may begin to thin. Premature greying of your hair combined with thinning could indicate a problem with your thyroid or another of the endocrine glands.
  5. Hearing Loss — This is a VERY common side effect of aging, and it’s one that you can do little to prevent. The part of your brain responsible for controlling your sense of hearing may be degenerating as a result of Alzheimer’s.

If you notice one or more of these things, it could be a sign that you’re getting old too quickly!


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