Welcome to the Chihuahuapocalypse

stray chihuahas in arizona
Written by Gary

I guess all the chihuahuas that Paris Hilton keeps hostage have to go somewhere when she gets bored of them in favor of a new bag. Even though these dogs are tiny and totally punt-able, packs of them are roaming the streets in Maryvale, Arizona, wreaking havoc on it’s residents.

stray chihuahas in arizona
Yes, this is a real story. Animal control officials have gotten over 6,000 calls from concerned citizens who see roving packs of chihuahuas running after children, barking into all hours of the night, and amassing in great numbers around all the local Taco Bell franchises.

The problem is attributed to the fact that many people from Arizona go to Mexico and leave the dogs behind. These un-neutered dogs get it on, and then the problem increases.

If you ask me, these dogs are just getting revenge on all the little children who hugged them too tightly, and all the women who used them as accessories. Basically, it’s raining tiny feces all over Arizona, so if you don’t live there, don’t go, and if you do live there, do your part and try and lure some of these little bastards into your yard using chew toys and cardboard cut-outs from the premier of Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

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