All This Stuff is Super Cheap at Nordstrom Right Now

Written by Bryce

Today’s edition of “you should buy this” is all on sale and completely $30 or less.

Here’s all the cheap stuff you need to buy now that’ll take you into the crisper weather of September.

These Topshop sneakers are $9.99.

They’re cute, nudely neutral, and basically disposable. Pack ’em for your end of summer vacay and don’t feel bad about losing them, ruining them on the beach, or getting them dirty at some obscene tourist location.

These mirrored sunglasses are under $15.

They’re cheaper than buying sunnies at Target, except they’re from Nordstrom so you can basically return them whenever, even if you just feel like they look ‘off’ on your weird-shaped head.


These cutesy coral burnout tees for under $15.

The color is flattering on most skintones, the cotton is ridiculously soft, and you can layer ’em all through the year.


This beaded statement necklace for about $20.

It’s a good gift, so even if you don’t need it, someone’s birthday must be around the corner, right?


Beyonce’s fave sandals are 40% off now, at about $20 a pair.

If they’re good enough for Beyonce, they’re good enough for us. Pack ’em in your carryon, wear ’em home from the gym, or just be your laziest self. Ivy Park is here for it all. Buy a size bigger than you’d normally wear though — they run small.


This striped tank dress is about $20 now too.

It’s modest-friendly when layered over a tee, or super sexy with worn solo. You do you, but imagine it with a denim jacket and metallic flats for casual days or dressed up with bright citrus-hued heels for dinner out.

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