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Style Spotting: Lighted Slippers That Let You See In The Dark!

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

And the slipper gods said, “LET THERE BE LIGHT!”

Ever wake up in the middle of the night craving a greasy late night chicken snack only to think shoot, I wish I had a pair of LED light up slippers to guide my way? Fear no more my friends, Bright Feet Lighted Slippers are the next hottest things since L.A. Gears (and we all know how cool those kicks were)! These comfy cozy slippers slip right on and have long-lasting LED bulbs built right in the toes. That means you can light up your way to the fridge for a delicious midnight snack or hit up the crapper for a poop without breaking your back. And the sweetest part about them is they’re weight AND light sensitive so they only work if you’re actually wearing them.

Snag yours today in beautiful Beige, classy Camo, pretty Pink or Navy Blue. Only $29.95, as seen on TV.

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Elizabeth Mitchell

Born and raised in NC, Liz attended college at NYU before making the move to the City of Angels where she currently resides. She has an uncanny love for all things neon, prefers regular to diet and secretly wishes she were a hipster because it’d be ironic. Follow her on twitter at your own risk: @emitchell456

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