The Stylish Father’s Day Gift Guide

The gift guide for the dad that didn’t sacrifice style with his firstborn.Β 

There are two types of fathers in the world: fathers that care about how they look and fathers that have given up after marriage. If you’re one of those lucky kids to land a dad that actually cares about how he looks, then you’re basically the 1%. When it comes to landing the right father’s day gift, you want to give dad something that he’ll really get some good use out of. Per usual, men are all about instant gratification. So if you’re going to get him something, get him something he can use right this second.

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If you just want to grab dad a quick but awesome present, go for the Bergdorf Goodman Glossybox. It has a wide range of grooming products in it from cologne to a Tom Ford mud mask. It will deliver right to dad and he’ll be thanking you for years to come. Available here.Β 

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