Get The Look: Blake Lively

Written by corey

Get Blake Lively’s downtown chick look with these affordable options. 

As you know, Blake Lively has the hair, the man and the style. If there was any girl I could be in the world, it would most certainly be the one that is married to Ryan Reynolds. While Blake was trolling through the streets, she of course went for something a little more low-key but equally as stylish.

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Overalls have made a huge comeback as of late. I really enjoy black because black goes with everything and it never goes out of style. Try this pair from ASOS. Available here.

As for the under shirt that Blake is wearing, the 1/2 sleeve is pretty cute. Any kind of tee shirt will work under a pair of overalls and if you want to grunge it up a bit, tie a flannel or another kind of shirt around your waist. Available here.

A good person needs a good pair of sunglasses. You need to defend yourself from the haters and be able to roll your eyes at your friend’s boyfriend without them noticing. Available here.


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