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She Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Until She Gave Birth

surprise pregnancy
Written by Gary

A 23-year-old woman in Massachusetts gave birth to a baby only an hour after learning she was pregnant.

surprise pregnancy

This story is truly some TLC level drama. Last week, 23-year-old Katie Kropas dropped a 10 lb human baby out of her womb, without ever realizing she had been pregsy in the first place. Apparently, not realizing you are pregnant until you have a baby is totally a thing, called a ‘cryptic pregnancy’.

I know a lot of women who have had a lot of babies, and their one common denominator is they fucking hated the symptoms of being pregnant. This leads me to believe that maybe it works like a placebo, and if you never find out you are with child, you will never experience any of the crazy symptoms.

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Kropas was on birth control, continued having regular periods, and figured that the extra few pounds she put on was just a little holiday weight. She is thinking of naming her healthy, surprise daughter ‘Ellie’, and her boyfriend of two years is pretty happy about it as well. I can think of about a million ways this story could have gone horribly wrong, so good for her.

I have officially decided that if I ever do get pregnant, I don’t want to know about it. Katie Kropas is now and forever my hero.




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