Tess Christian: She Hasn’t Smiled for 40 Years to Avoid Wrinkles

This woman hasn’t smiled for 40 years.

Yes, really. So in case you were about to go get Botox, why don’t you sit down to read the story of Tess Christian.

Tess Christian decided at the age of 10 that she would stop smiling. Why? To avoid any and all wrinkles, she said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Christian looks to some of Hollywood’s greats like Marlene Dietrick and Mona Lisa for inspiration on keeping her face expressionless.

While we applaud Christian’s dedication to beauty and a life without wrinkles, how the heck do you not smile for 40 years? I guess we’ll never know.

Until next time, keep laughing.

Laugh for Tess Christian.

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