The Best Hair Dye for Thinning Hair is Beard Dye

Written by Allison

The best hair dye for thinning hair isn’t what you’d expect.

Thinning hair is zero fun. I don’t know one single person who is enthusiastic about hair loss, full stop. But, as it happens, many people (gals and guys alike) start to have some hair fall as they age. When I started noticing my temples thinning, I didn’t think there was much to do about it aside from increasing my scalp circulation. That was, until I found the best hair dye for thinning hair, already sitting in my cabinet.

That’s right, we’re busting out the Just For Men again! I love it for DIY eyebrow tint at home, too.

Before we start, let’s take a close up, shall we? My hair started thinning in the temples (as what happens to many people as we age) and it was really starting to bother me.

While I was (sloppily, I’ll admit) tinting my eyebrows, I went ahead and tinted my thin spots just to see what would happen.

Each side of my temple got the Just For Men treatment along with my eyebrows. If you’re planning on following my lead here, seriously take the time to clean up your application line. This will make a huge difference in removal, and will make your hairline literally perfect.

As for timing and removal, I just followed the same steps in my brow tinting routine for my temple hairs.

And IT WORKED! I genuinely didn’t think it would make a difference in the appearance of my hair but it was immediately noticeable.

The best hair dye for thinning hair dyes your little baby hairs, trust. Those tiny hairs had lightened up so much it looked like there was nothing there!

But, freshly tinted, I’ve got my once rather robust hairline back.

The best hair dye for thinning hair should ideally be the same color as your natural roots. If you’re a blondie this method isn’t going to work well for you. But, darker haired folks, it’s time to get your dye on!

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