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Increase Scalp Circulation: 11 Easy DIY Ways

Written by Bryce

Increase scalp circulation to promote hair and scalp health. It’s easy.

The surprising trick that creates better hair is as simple as trying to increase scalp circulation. Adding blow flow to your scalp is one of the best ways to promote hair and scalp health, and science backs it. An increase in blood flow means that your hair is getting the nutrients it needs, but it also prevents dandruff, psoriasis, and other scalp problems.

Studies have shown that better circulation in your scalp can even help your hair to grow faster.

increase scalp circulation

Here are 11 things you can do to increase circulation to your scalp:

    1. Hang your head. Lie on your back on your bed, and hang your head over the edge. Let it hang as low as possible, and stay in that position for up to 20 minutes. The inverted position will increase blood flow nicely.
    2. Do yoga.  With Yoga, you spend a lot of time doing inversion poses where your head hangs lower than the rest of your body. This helps to promote healthy blood flow to your scalp, and can increase circulation.
    3. Cleanse your scalp. Did you know that tight, dry scalp skin can stop the blood from flowing to your hair follicles? Use scalp cleansers like vinegar or tea tree oil to get rid of anything that could block blood from flowing. We’ve found clarifying shampoos do the best job of cleansing follicles thoroughly.
    4. Try ginkgo biloba. This Chinese herb has been proven to be highly effective at increasing your body’s natural circulation, and not just to your scalp. Taking it will stimulate blood flow throughout your entire body, so consider trying it. A supplement like this one could help increase scalp circulation according to some studies.
    5. Take a cold shower. Cold temperatures stimulate an increase of blood flow, as your body sends warm blood to try and heat up the cold body parts. Take a cold shower and let the water hit your scalp directly. It may sting a bit at first, but it’s great for improving scalp circulation.
    6. Work out. If you want to stimulate blood flow anywhere in your body, the best way to do so is by exercising. Hit the treadmill, and you’ll find that the cardio exercise keeps your heart pumping and your blood flowing nicely.
    7. Brush your hair. Sounds almost too good to be true, but brushing your hair stimulates not just hair growth but improved circulation as well. You don’t want to do TOO many strokes, but 50 should be enough to get the blood flowing.
    8. Massage the scalp. Use the tips of your fingers to give your scalp a gentle massage. You should feel your fingers dig into the scalp, and really massage that skin to stimulate an increase in your circulation. Or try a scalp massager like this one or two times a day for 5-10 minutes.
    9. Look for stimulators. There are a number of products that will stimulate your scalp nicely, increasing blood flow and promoting scalp health. Anything with cayenne pepper or menthol should do the trick, and some people swear by creams like this one.
    10. Eat stimulating foods. Foods that increase circulation are usually the ones that are loaded with iron and zinc, so look for those foods. Also, try to eat vasodilating foods–foods that cause your blood vessels to expand–like cayenne or chili peppers.
    11. Breathe deeply. If you want to improve circulation, the best way to do so is by breathing. The more oxygen you take in, the more there is available for your blood to circulate. Practice belly breathing exercises and inhale deeply to get as much oxygen as you can!

If these natural techniques to increase scalp circulation aren’t as drastic as you’d like, you can also try scalp health supplements like Nutrafol, or try a massaging shampoo brush like this one.

These are all simple ways for you to increase the circulation and blood flow to your scalp. Try them out, and you’ll find that your hair is much healthier thanks to the boost in your circulation!

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  • I have massive hair loss. A year ago I was finally diagnosed with lupus/rheumatoid arthritis aka rupus. Since taking medicines for this disease almost a year now, I have notice a tingling kind of itching sensation to my scalp. I use to feel this sensation when I had a head full of healthy hair. I always associated it with having healthy, long hair! Now I am wondering? Am I getting hair regrowth or is the tingling another sign of some sort.

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