DIY Eyebrow Tint at Home

Written by Allison

Here’s how to master your eyebrow tint at home.

Curating my eyebrow look is a very millennial thing to do, I know. But, having have survived the ’90s with my brows in tact I take them very seriously. I like my brows to look natural, but I also like to fill them in a bit darker than they grow. To save a few precious morning moments, I do an eyebrow tint at home to give the illusion of fuller, darker eyebrows. It also saves loads of cash.

Dyeing your eyebrows? At home? With men’s hair dye? YEP.

Let’s have a quick mention that men’s hair dye is the same as literally any other hair dye, it’s just marketed to dudes. But it comes in small packages for ten bucks and in realistic eyebrow colors, I used this one. Also you can save all the product you don’t use to do your eyebrow tint at home for probably a year. Totally worth it.

My brows aren’t too sparse but they are lighter on the inner corner and through the tail so an all over eyebrow tint at home is just the ticket.

This particular box of Just For Men came pre-mixed and with this large comb attachment. This thing may be fine if you’re dying a beard but for eyebrows? Nuh uh.

Instead choose an angled eyeliner brush (like this one for under $2) that you don’t really use and don’t mind covering in dye. This will be much more accurate for dying your eyebrows.

If your brow dye needs to be mixed, go ahead and do that, just don’t mix too much. I use maybe a nickel sized amount for both my brows. Then, dip your brush in and paint over your eyebrows. You want to cover each hair so don’t be too stingy getting the dye into every nook and cranny.

This dye (like pretty much all dyes) can stain your skin. It will come off but to make your life easier, try to apply in a clean line, just to your brows.

But when mistakes happen just clean it up with a cotton bud before it dries down.

Chill out with your Groucho brows for ten minutes, or however long your dye requires.

Wash out the dye with soap and water to reveal your new home tinted brows. I started by wiping the bulk of the dye off with a tissue. Then I used some Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser to keep my skin from getting dry and irritated. It took a couple of washes to get all the dye out, so make sure you keep going until you wash away clear water. Also, be super-duper careful to never ever get the dye in your eyes. Wiping off the dye first, before washing helps a lot with this.

This before and after photo shows off how subtle the effect really is. But hey! Now I have the arches of my eyebrows without having to draw them in with pencil.

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