The Doodle Duvet Lets You Get Your Draw On

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

Get your draw on with the Doodle Duvet.

Got kids? Or just really like to draw and won’t be super embarrassed when you bring a dude home and he finds out that your duvet cover is actually a giant piece of notebook paper, perhaps with hearts scribbled around his name? Then you’ll LOVE the Doodle Duvet ($70.55). It comes with a set of 8 wash-out color pens, so you can draw your little heart out anytime you want, leave inappropriate messages for friends or hell, even write the first draft of your college paper. Because, why not? You can wash this baby whenevs and just start fresh, all over again. Then you can snuggle up and sleep with it. Mmmm, perfection.

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Elizabeth Mitchell

Born and raised in NC, Liz attended college at NYU before making the move to the City of Angels where she currently resides. She has an uncanny love for all things neon, prefers regular to diet and secretly wishes she were a hipster because it’d be ironic. Follow her on twitter at your own risk: @emitchell456

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