The Giant Menstruation Lake, Bolivia

laguna colorada, bolivia
Written by Gary

I don’t know why I have been writing about menstruation and periods so much, but I guess I just have to admit that vaginas fascinate me. Not in the way that I want to look at, touch, or think about one for an extended period of time, but more like a messy car wreck that I can’t help but pay attention to. So obviously when I heard about a big red, bloody-looking lake in Bolivia, I had to cover it. It’s basically like God is having her period.

laguna colorada, bolivia

Called Laguna Colorada (Red Lagoon, to the locals), the salt lake in Bolivia gets its color from millions and millions of microorganisms and algae that live in the water near the salt crust.
It also attracts flamingos, which is something we have in common, since I grew up in Florida. So if you ever find yourself in Bolivia and want to see what happens when God doesn’t have enough scratch to get some tamps from CVS, swing by Laguna Colorada and take a dip.

laguna colorada, bolivia

laguna colorada, bolivia

laguna colorada, bolivia


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