Miley Obviously Didn’t Talk Poorly About Beyonce

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I usually don’t keep up on celebrity gossip. With all this drama, how am I supposed to make good on my New Year’s resolutions? There are two types of people in this world: those that worship Beyonce and those that have no taste. Miley…no matter how many times you stick your tongue out and become the butt of people’s jokes, I know you have some taste.

Miley had done an interview with LOVE Magazine and they made up quotes. Whoever works at LOVE made up some bogus quotes and let it go to print. In the article, Miley allegedly compared herself to Beyonce and said that she could fill Queen Bey’s spot. LOVE Magazine also claims that Miley said she was “the total package,” and that Beyonce’s pregnancy opened up a spot for Miley in the senior ranks of music. Now this all sounds like a load of shit to me and it is.

Miley quickly went on a twitter rampage letting everyone know that she wouldn’t dare talk about Beyonce like this. This is where Miley’s smarts come in. She could have had her PR rep. quickly shoot down these rumors and issue a press release — did she do that? Nope! When it comes to music royalty, you’ve got to make sure everyone is clear on what’s actually happening.

So what happened next? LOVE Magazine knew that they had to get their shit in line. They quickly tweeted out an apology to Miley. They also said they’re going to “get to the bottom of this,” and hold someone accountable. You know what? I bet it was some jealous bottom queen that’s hung-up on Miley being able to shake her ass better than him.


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