The Girl’s a Psychic, Really.

Written by Bryce

Psychic Girl, Justine Kenzer is in town!  Roll out the red carpet and make a little time in your schedule for this weekend, because this Los Angeles psychic celeb is here till August 20th and offering our readers a pretty sick discount.


All readings are recorded for you, phone or in person which is super helpful… because Justine will spew forth buckets of information and answer direct questions.  Nothing’s vague.  You ask “when will I change my job?” she’ll give you a direct answer of something like July 2010.  You can ask if you’re going to move, she’ll tell you where and what the place will look like.  You can ask about your love life, and she’ll tell you exactly what your mate’s education record is.  She’s good.  The recorded reading is sent you in by email link ito an MP3 that you can listen to on line, download to your own computer or ipod. Readings are available via instant message, phone or in person in Los Angeles or NYC this week.

There’s a reason that she’s been featured in the NY Times, The Daily News, the London Times, VH1, E!, Glamour, and countless other reputable press sources.

Normally she charges $200 for a complete reading (and you can ask WHATEVER you want), but because Justine is a dear friend of The Luxury Spot, you can book an in-person or phone session for $150.  Hells yeah, 25% off knowing my future?



ps- if you need a little proof, my personal testimonial is that she told me DETAILS about my business, my siblings, upcoming TLS events (good news, Heidi Klum is coming!), my new TV show, etc.

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