The My Little Pony Café in Japan

my little pony cafe
Written by Gary

Japan finally opened a My Little Pony cafe and the world isn’t clapping loudly enough.

my little pony cafe

I know it may have debuted in 1982 (one year before my fabulous self popped out of my mom’s magic-maker), but the My Little Pony franchise has held on strong. Basically, My Little Pony saturates almost every corner of pop culture and has everything from cartoons on TV to stuffed animals, erotica pony-tails, and even a sub-section of people called ‘bronies’ (bros who like ponies).

It should come as no surprise to anyone with The Internet that Japan has opened a My Little Pony themed café. Because Asia knows her way around colorful animation and cafe-culture.

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The café will be open in Harajuku, Japan for a limited time, serving up colorful food emblazoned with pics of all the ponies from every generation of the franchise. Apparently the café is only open until November 29th, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this won’t be the last My Little Pony café ever opened.

The world is obsessed with these bootleg unicorns, and I totally understand why.

my little pony cafe

my little pony cafe

my little pony cafe

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  • This might be the GREATEST cafe in the world! Maybe they will open one in NYC too?! That Mural, those dishes- ALL OF IT is just too cute!

  • The My Little Pony coffee art is my favorite! Japan is the home of some interesting cafes and who knows….The My Little Pony could take off and one could open here in Washington, D.C. right next to the Japanese inspired cat cafe!

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