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The Procrastinator’s Gift Guide Under $100

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t even started your holiday shopping. If we’re in the same boat, we’re the ultimate¬†procrastinators and can’t even wrap our minds around where all our time went. While the time to order things online has quickly passed, I picked out a few gifts that you’re able to pick-up in store. It’s hard to grab a last minute gift, especially if you’ve just forgot that one person to shop for or gifts for everyone in your life. I wrapped up a few things that I’ve actually picked-up and some things that I know are totally versatile and perfect for every situation.

A candle is the safe gift for everyone. If you need to grab a last minute gift for your boss or just about anyone, Diptyque candles are the best best. They give off some of the best scents and they’re pretty luxury. You can grab this one at here¬†and in-store.

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