They’ve Been Married Nearly 70 Years and Still Love Each Other Madly

Written by Bryce

Ollie and Donald King have been married nearly 70 years and still love each other madly.

Love will always find a way, even through nearly seven decades of life’s ups and downs. Forget about all the ridiculous people you’ve swiped left on lately, because true love still exists and is out there waiting for you.

Their granddaughter recently set up a photoshoot with Paige Franklin to celebrate their anniversary and enduring love, and can we just say “mission accomplished?” The shoot was covered by the Love What Matters facebook page where literally thousands of people erupted with happiness and sincere admiration, because finding love is hard to do, but keeping it for almost seven decades deserves some type of award.

Franklin Photography

“This evening I got to meet two of the most kind-hearted souls, Ollie and Donald,” shared Paige. “They have been married 68 years this September. They have lived on this farm for over 30 years where they farm cattle and raise corn, soybeans, and tobacco.”

God, if that’s not some good ole’ Americana, we don’t know what is, especially because Donald has been a pastor and Ollie a quilter for the better part of their lives. Is this real? This is starting to sound like the cutest bedtime storybook in the history of ever.

Franklin Photography

“I asked (Donald) to tell me the one thing he was most proud of (Ollie) for and he looked at me for a minute and looked at her and he said, ‘There really isn’t just one thing. She’s amazing all round.’”

Franklin Photography

Ollie and Donald are still happily alive, but we’re DEAD from the cuteness.

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