Would You Pay Over 50k For A Dollhouse?

Written by Deisy

I’ve seen a lot of outrageous things in my life; like Gaga’s normal new look or Kim K’s maternity wear. But this Mulvany & Rogers dollhouse takes the prize for most outrageous and unnecessary thing to ever exist. I don’t comprehend how someone can spend over 50k in a dollhouse. There are so many better things to spend 50k on, like a brand new car or the whole Burberry Prorsum pre-fall collection (priorities).

This wouldn’t even constitute as a conversation starter! People would just look at it and laugh while running away from you. The worst thing of this dollhouse (other than the price) is that it’s not even furnished. If I’m going to pay a s*** ton of money for a dollhouse, it better come with furniture and a barbie made out of gold.

Available here.


Okay, so the detail is kind of amazing.

I’ve never put this much detail into anything. I hate overachievers.

I understand that this dollhouse would be in the art, handmade and one-of-a-kind category but so am I, and I know zero people who would be willing to pay 50k for me.

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  • If you’d actually ever looked at Mulvanny and Rogers work you’d see how crazy your assessment is. They’re gods and make everything themselves – unlike Burberry. You should respect craftspeople more.

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