Top Five Reasons To Do A Beach Body Photoshoot

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Summer is right around the corner, and we are all scrambling to lose the last 2 lbs haunting our fupas and mid-sections. Given all the work that we put into our bodies it makes sense that we should commemorate our progress with a sexy bikini body photoshoot. Still need convincing? Read on:

1.You worked hard to fit your body into that size eight tankini. Even though you didn’t reach your goal of 6 lbs Mary Kate ounces, you should still be proud of losing any weight at all. Kevin Jonas has been trying to lose 135 lbs of beard-wife for a year now with no progress at all.

2. You probably won’t stay so svelte forever. Years from now you will want to look back on the time when you lost enough weight to fly in an airplane without buying an extra seat.

3. Your kids are going to need some photos to make fun of. The unhappy fact is that unfortunately, fashion trends come and go. Be a cool parent, and give your kids a photo that they can share with their friends and say “My mom thought she was a sex panther when she wore this leopard thong, and apparently she was right because I was conceived on this day.”

4. Want to get back at your husband for turning the basement into a man-cave? Hanging a photo of your scantily clad self over the fireplace mantel is the perfect revenge, especially when his parents come over.

5. Ever sat around with your girlfriends talking about how fat you are? You haven’t? Oh, so you are a liar too? Taking photos of your slimmed down physique is the perfect way to stick it to the bitch that stole your prom date in high school, or maybe the one who eats whatever she wants without any gains. You may be best friends now, but a little competition never hurt anybody. Except of course, Nancy Kerrigan.

I bet now she wishes she had photos of her bikini body from back in the day.

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