This Trans Model Makes Me Question My Sexuality

laith ashley trans model
Written by Gary

Laith Ashley is probably the most beautiful FTM trans man ever.

laith ashley trans model

I have been gay ever since I gave my first blowie at 15 years old Since then I have had a pretty strong handle on my sexuality, and pretty much know what I like and don’t like. Trans model Laith Ashley De La Cruz makes me seriously question it though. There are a lot of beautiful FTM (female-to-male) trans men out there, but I think Ashley might just take the cake. In case you were wondering, Ashley only started transitioning in 2014, so I can only imagine how good he is going to look with a few more years of testosterone.

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But really, why mess with perfection, right?

laith ashley trans model

laith ashley trans model

laith ashley trans model

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  • You’re dumb, if he identifies as male and presents himself as a man and you’re attracted to him as a man then you’re just as gay as you were before you saw him.

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