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I Tried an Eyelash Lift and Tint — You Should Too

After eyelash lift and tint
Written by Bryce

Eyelash lift and tint services are growing in popularity for good reason

Until recently, it was hard to simultaneously be a big fan of bushy, luxurious lashes and also hate eyelash extensions. Personally, I’m not the extensions type — I tend to view them as eyeball bangs that get in the way of all my most basic life needs and functions. Eyelash lift and tint services are different though, in that they’re basically semi-permanent hairstyling for your eyelashes. They also take less time, energy, and cash than eyelash extensions, which is a pretty major thing if you’re anything other than a professional YouTuber.

eyelash lift and tint before and after

Before and after my eyelash lift and tint

I walked in with sort of average lashes, neither super short nor super long and Elizabeth Taylor-like. Sure, they look great with loads of mascara primers and lash volumizing formulas, but on their own they’re sort of wimpy, and I almost never leave the house without at least some level of lash product. The lead eyeball specialist (yeah, that’s her official title) at Gemini 14 Salon in New York, Kim, opted for a medium-enhancement effect on my eyes.

The process was simple, quick, and painless. Kim started by removing any makeup I had on when I walked in, popped some cooling eye gels under my lower lids, and then measured my natural lashes for their length and texture to figure out which degree of curl and tint shade we should opt for. We both agreed that a medium degree of curl and tint would suit my mostly-normal lifestyle, and she got to work putting little cotton tubes on top of my lashes, and using her lash curling ingredients to secure them. This part of the process took exactly 12 minutes, and was essentially like old lady hair rollers for my eyeballs. I laid back, semi-snoozed, and took it all in. The process was followed up by about five minutes of a setting lotion, and then another few minutes of tint. In total, the entire process took less than 30 minutes, was entirely ouchless, and a sort of much-needed opportunity to catch up on deep thoughts and the meaning of life.

eyelash lift and tint review

Scary looking, right?

Spoiler: the meaning of life is not having to put mascara on, because OMG post eyelash lift and tint my eyeballs are refreshed-looking 24/7.

I was a little apprehensive about going in for a lash lift initially because I thought it just had to hurt or result in some type of chemical burn situation that would render me useless at a computer screen, but the actual experience was the opposite of that. It was as painless and relaxing as a manicure, with the benefit of looking bright-eyed and ready at just about any hour of the day. And I can take my bulky eyelash curler out of my makeup bag now — at least for the next month and change.

After eyelash lift and tint

Post eyelash lift and tint, wearing absolutely no mascara or products at all

Here are the important takeaways: eyelash lift and tint treatments like I received at Gemini 14 Salon last five to eight weeks with almost no maintenance at all. You shouldn’t get your eyes wet AT ALL for the first 48 hours post-treatment, so wear goggles in the shower if you need to. The service takes roughly 30 minutes start to finish, and doesn’t hurt a bit. If you’re in New York, head to Gemini 14, where the service is a reasonable $100, and Kim will treat you like gold.

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