Meet Viktoria Modesta, A One-Legged Bionic Pop Star

viktoria modesta
Written by Gary

Viktoria Modesta is the world’s first one-legged bionic pop star.

viktoria modesta

If I had to choose a disability, losing a leg would definitely be it. Just today at the movies I was remarking about how cool it would be to have bionic legs, and I have to admit that even though Oscar Pistorius is kind of a murderer, his metal legs are in no way, shape, or form a deal breaker.

Amputees have been getting a bit of the spotlight lately, from Jessica Lange’s Elsa Mars character on the totally unwatchable Ryan Murphy disaster American Horror Story: Freakshow, to Viktoria Modesta, a pop star who is challenging societal norms by pursuing fame despite a disability.

Modesta, a Latvian model and singer had her leg amputated at 20, and has since gone on to pursue a career trying to challenge old-fashioned views and create a platform for the disabled.

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She created this video as part of the #BornRisky campaign, which aims to shed light on the differences between us all.

I am in love with this girl, because she makes having a fake leg look as glamorous and amazing as I ever dreamed it could be.

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