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Vitamin D During Pregnancy May Stop Asthma

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A bit of sun goes a long way…

Vitamin D is the only vitamin you do not get through food sources. Vitamin C is found in foods like broccoli, oranges, and lemons. Vitamin A is found in carrots and pumpkins, while Vitamin E comes from avocadoes, coconuts, and nuts. Even the B vitamins come from meat, seeds, and nuts, but Vitamin D comes from the strangest place: the sun.

When you spend time in the sun, your skin absorbs the light. This absorption of sunlight triggers the production of Vitamin D. Your skin can produce so much Vitamin D thanks to the sunlight that you hardly need to spend any time outdoors to get enough Vitamin D. With just 20 to 30 minutes of sunlight, your body will have all of the Vitamin D needed to stay healthy.

But the benefits of sunlight don’t stop there! According to research, getting more sunlight and Vitamin D during pregnancy may stop asthma, as well as reduce the risk of complications drastically…

A team of researchers from Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital believe that getting more Vitamin D (via the light of the sun) can help to influence the growth of the fetus, possibly preventing it from developing asthma later in life. A team of economists put that hypothesis to the test, examining the birth locations of asthmatics and examining the amount of sunlight the asthmatics’ mothers got each day. The economists found that getting more sunlight during the second trimester of pregnancy seriously helped to reduce the risk of developing asthma later in life.

What’s fascinating is that the pregnant mothers don’t need to spend hours sunbathing every day to obtain the benefits of Vitamin D. The researchers found that just 10 minutes of time spent in the sun was enough for their bodies to produce plenty of Vitamin D–enough to reduce the risk of asthma.

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But the benefits of Vitamin D for pregnant mothers don’t stop there! According to a 2014 study, getting more Vitamin D can be a crucial way to reduce your risk of preeclampsia. Vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to this potentially life-threatening disorder, with a 40% increase in the risk of preeclampsia among women who don’t get enough of the “sunshine vitamin”. By spending more time in the sun, women can reduce their risk of pregnancy and fetal developmental disorders.

Let this be a lesson to all you pregnant mothers: spend more time in the sun! The second trimester is not the easiest part of your pregnancy–you’re exhausted, your body is aching, and you’re just getting over the harsh morning sickness. The last thing you want is to get out of bed and spend time moving around.

But a bit of exercise is WONDERFUL for your health during pregnancy, so it’s definitely worth it. By getting out of the house to take a walk, you increase the amount of Vitamin D you absorb every day. This will benefit you AND your baby in the long run. Not only will you reduce your risk of preeclampsia, but you may help to prevent your child from developing asthma later in life.

The beauty of the human body is that you don’t need to spend hours under the hot sun! Just 10 to 30 minutes of direct sunlight per day is more than enough. Your body will have all the nutrients it needs to produce Vitamin D, and you’ll protect your body during your pregnancy. Make it a point to spend at least 10 minutes in the sun every day!

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