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Watch Yo’self: Gift a Watch to Your Special Someone

Written by Tanner

It’s time you started looking for Valentines Day gifts (like these fun watches!)

It’s that ‘time’ of year again to start thinking about what you’re going to give your special somebody (boyfriend, husband, wife, gf, bff, landlord, etc) for Valentines Day. Be sure you don’t wait till the last ‘minute’ and start looking now for fun, creative gifts. One gift that is ‘timeless’ and that never goes out of style is a nice watch. As most people don’t generally use their watches anymore to actually tell the time, but instead, wear them as a decorative accessory, don’t just pick out any old watch. It’s V Day, as in, the season of flirtacious reds, cute pinks, seductive blacks, and pure whites, so try incorporating these colors into your gifts to mark the occasion.

Ladies: Personally, I’m in love with this T Race Chronograph Quartz men’s watch by Tissot, and can’t think of any guy that wouldn’t look amazing sporting this flashy timepiece.

Gentlemen: Red roses are a classic staple to gift, but a bit overplayed – so change things up and give her this festive SWATCH watch, the Catch My Heart ($60 on that has a red rose as its face!

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