Science Says Wearing Eccentric Outfits May Mean You’re the Jealous Type

Written by Bryce

If you’re the type to wear eccentric outfits, you’re probably also the type to bash your lover’s windshield when you catch ’em looking different directions. 

Bad news for ladies who love wildly eccentric outfits — your crazy is showing, literally.  New research published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology shoes that people (not just women, by the way) who wear attention-calling, eccentric outfits are generally more prone to being jealous. That jealously doesn’t stop at romance, either.


The research was conducted by Xun Huang and consisted of five key experiments on a group of people — all who thought they were invited to a party. Some thought they were heading to a costume party, while others believed they were heading to a party to welcome new co-workers. They were asked to accessorize their outfits from a variety of relatively simple or eye-catching pieces, and what the researchers found was that very clearly, the people inclined to choose and wear outlandish fashion pieces were also the most prone to jealous behaviors in all settings.

gaga wearing kermit

The researcher explained, “jealously results from the perception that the attention that one has come to expect from someone has been usurped.” Obviously.

eccentric outfits

Huang also implied that this behavior likely carries over to workplace relationships, family relationships, and friendships. Essentially, don’t expect the girl with a thousand rhinestones on her unicorn-themed sweater to not be giving you oodles of evil eye if you waltz into work with a new promotion and announce your pregnancy with identical triplets who already have in-utero IQs of 162. disappeared.

It’s something to think about next time you go on a date with a person who looks and acts like a peacock? Maybe Banana Republic’s streamlined, simple thing was all about mental health.

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