Mister Unicorn: Why Unicorns Drink

The Mister Unicorn book series sheds light on the less glamorous sides of being a unicorn.

mister unicorn books

His daughter is showing early signs of being a slutty whore.

Have you ever wondered what unicorns would actually be like if they weren’t fantasy creatures? Chances are, they would be just like us. They would get arrested, deal with family problems by drinking, and turn out exactly like their parents. The Mister Unicorn book series opens our eyes to the everyday plights of unicorns around the world. This is an important read for all our daughters, so they don’t grow up thinking a unicorn is going to trot up one day and save them from a life of hard work and responsibility.

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mister unicorn books

Marijuana isn’t legal yet.

mister unicorn books

His friend tricked him into eating placenta.

mister unicorn books

The only thing his diploma got him was a lifetime of debt.

mister unicorn books

He passed away for 14 minutes and found out he was going to Hell.

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