Win A Q-Zone, and Dry Your Hair In Peace

Written by Ashley

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NYC. I love you for many reasons, but I don’t really appreciate your wee yet expensive apartments. They force me to live in close quarters with Steph in a 1BR, close enough that we’re just all up in each others business all day long, with little privacy.  Rendezvous with men? An interesting challenge. Both of us using the bathroom mirror at once? FAT CHANCE!  Good thing she’s cute, or I’d never survive.

The newest addition to our wee apartment? The Q-Zone Hair Dryer.  I usually wake up earlier than Stephie, and although she sleeps like a friggin’ rock- this PRACTICALLY SILENT dryer will come in mighty handy while drying my locks during the upcoming winter months. Don’t wanna catch the sniffles!


  • Patent pending IQ (Insanely Quiet) technology reduces noise pollution
  • Energy efficient: 2-speed, 1500 watt performance equaling that of an 1875 watt dryer
  • Ceramic / Ionic Tourmaline technology for shiny, healthy and damage-free hair
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort, for righties or lefties
  • Dual position cold shot button which allows activation from either the handle or barrel grip
  • Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable packaging materials

Available at ULTA.com for $179.99 SRP $199.95

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a fun-loving, twenty-something living in Brooklyn. She spends most of her time absorbing all the life, tofu and whiskey that NYC has to offer. Her current obsessions? BDG High-waisted leggings, vintage boot shopping in Williamsburg, Katherine Kwei's sling bag and Melanie Marie's two-finger horn ring.


  • love my roommates… don’t love my wasted boyfriend who, (after waking up to grab agua/bathroom at 3am?) drunkenly entered the wrong bedroom and climbed into my roommate’s bed in the wee hours of the night to cuddle up despite the fact that her boyfriend was already present under the covers. awkward and hilarious midnight wake-up? for sure. even more awkward and hilarious because he was sans boxers? 100%. Roommate laughed about it, we still do today… thank god we’re best friends, otherwise things could have gotten weird.

  • So my freshman roomie in college was this super white, Catholic, conservative type who always tried to get me to go to church with her. She was well known for bragging (yes, bragging) about her virgin status and praying for the girls who chose to sleep around with random frat party dudes. One day I came home early because I was sick (okay, hungover) and crawled right into bed. Imagine my surprise when I awoke to the sound of the door and opened my eyes to a naked brown man-ass! While everyone else was in class, she was playing house with her Pakistani secret boyfriend (who was actually one of my good friends…how did I not know?!) and was in the process of sneaking him from the shower to our room. I think she may have had a stroke when she saw me lying there. At least she never asked me to go to church with her or promised to pray for my sins after that…

  • My first and only college roommate had an unusual way of – let’s say simplifying life while embracing color.

    She had a lot of matching vibrant-colored tie-dyed T-shirt and elastic waist shorts/pants outfits that she would wear to sleep in. In the morning, she was already ‘dressed’ and would add socks and tomboy shoes to complete her ensemble. After pulling back her hair and scrubbing her face clean, she would hoist herself off to the cafeteria. Weekly, she would give herself a manicure. Each of her nails was painted a different color, perhaps to match the colors of each day.

    Her boyfriend was equally distinct in his dapper, yet drab clothes. His daily wardrobe consisted of some black on black combination with the addition of a black bowler hat. Of course for this aspiring Baptist preacher, his nail were manicured in black.

    The two would make-out publicly. One of my Southern bumpkin friends who witnesses their romantic embraces exclaimed, “They’re like dawgs in heat.”

  • My favorite roommate story has to be this, I once was randomly assigned to live with these three random girls who I loathed on sight. One of them was a complete weirdo, never went out and had no friends or social skills. One day my boyfriend at the time came over to my apartment and ate one of her apples that were in a gigantic fruit bowl. I completely forgot to replace it and thought nothing of it till the following day. My RA came in for an intervention to talk to me because I was suspected of stealing food. Not wanting to get my boyfriend in trouble I played dumb. Meanwhile the roommate began accusing me of all these “heinous” crimes including stealing milk(despite the fact that I’m lactose intolerant and drink soy) and claimed she sometimes heard a bag crinkling at night and suspected that I was taking her pretzels! She began the conversation off by saying that out of 17 apples one had gone missing! When my RA looked at her funny, she began to say that she had an OCD to count things! And she loved to count how many things she had including fruit, stairs, papaers etc. I kind of just sat there for the most part dumbfounded as to how weird some people are….the funny thing is that she began taking her fruit bowl with her to her room to safeguard it and began attracting fruitflys andother bugs into her room! To this day its one of my crazy roommate stories and yet another reason why I live on my own!

  • Our freshman year in college, my roommate and I were infamous for doing bizarre, attention-grabbing things like dressing up in matching outfits everywhere we went, flooding our dorm room and turning it into a slip and slide, or, say, studying in the library all night long in nothing but our bras and undies (don’t ask me what we were thinking – it wasn’t a small school either). Four years, two states, and many roommates later, I was sharing an apartment with two strangers, a guy and a girl. We proceeded to friend each other on Facebook, and as I was checking up on my new roomie’s profile, I saw just one thing written in his interests: “Library. And I’ll tell you why. A few years ago I was trying to keep myself awake at 2 am, as I was searching for a book to add to my research on the 17th floor of the library. I was walking back to the elevators when I looked through the book shelves and saw two girls running around in their underwear, dancing, and taking pictures of one another. I watched in shock for a while, hoping they would notice me, and finally decided to leave. I went to the library a lot more since that experience, and although I never saw the girls again, I ended up getting sick grades and getting into the grad school of my choice.” After seeing his profile, I asked him what school he went to and proceeded to tell him it was me and my friend he saw that night in the library. We laughed for a long time about the absurdity of the situation and what a small world we live in!

  • Oh my gosh I have to have this!!! I have hair almost to my knees… 2 hours of blow drying is hard on the ears and the roomies. And you say the Q-Zone is practically silent. My neighbors would even thank you!

    …little secret I discovered while soaking in the tub, lay back under the water, and it amplifies, you can hear all the conversations not only your room mates are having but also the ajoining nieghbors.

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