Win a week of FREE YOGA at Sankalpah NYC

Written by Ashley

We love Sankalpah NYC for giving us the chance to get all bendy and stuff last night with celeb instructor Dia Hollenbeck-Minkow at their midtown location.

Sankalpah Yoga NYC - 254 5th Ave  btwn 28/29

Sankalpah Yoga NYC - 254 5th Ave btwn 28/29

We piled in to the amazingly quiet and soothingly zen studio facing on to 5th Avenue, and got real centered from some Vinyasa.  Afterward, guests enjoyed some gifts from the Brazilian Straightening gurus of Lasio Stuidos NYC and mingled with our knowledgeable instructor.

Until we have another opportunity for you to get your yoga on for free, why not let Sankalpah accommodate you for a WHOLE WEEK?


Just enter your email below, and comment why YOU should win some yoga.  20 lucky contestants will win!

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  • I should win because last night at the yoga class with Dia, I learned that I am a 25 year old in a 55 year old’s body! 🙁

  • i should win because… i am a workaholic. i work so much and so intensely that i don’t have time to take care of myself/my body/my mind. i have lost sight of how to get in touch with myself and i find inner peace. my poor body is so cramped from sitting at a computer for 10h/day and it aches and is in need of some serious TLC. winning this would greatly increase the quality of my life 🙂

  • because a) i just started in a new co and have never worked this hard in my life!! b) i’m so stressed from my personal life that my eyebrows are constantly furrowing together and my stomach’s making noises.

  • I should win because I need to find a new place to do yoga at and I am going on an adventure vacation soon and desperately need to get in shape.

  • i sit at an office all day, sometimes working 12+ hours. yoga would be so good for my body, mind, and an excuse to leave the office!

  • I would like to win because after recovering from a bout with swine flu and a breakup simultaneously, it would be awesome to get my Zen on and get myself back together.

  • I’m not going to put it that I “should” win because I’m certainly not owed anything, but I would love very much to win because I got laid off last week and this would make me restore the good vibes.

  • I would love to win because yoga puts me in a place of mental and physical awareness. It allows me to feel confident and down right refreshed. It is a place I can connect with myself and remember why I love myself which is easy to forget in our busy lives. I would love to feel like that everyday for a week!

  • I love to do yoga because I like to stay flexible and limber… for sexual healing! 🙂
    Come on ladies, let’s be honest… it’s the perfect exercise in that department.

    but yeah… the meditation’s great too…

  • I should win, because I am a broke clinical psychology doctorate student with a crazy schedule trying to make a difference in children with disabiliites lives. I work hard and never get to treat myself (or can being that I don’t have an income).

  • I should win a week of yoga because i have traversed NYC finding great studios, and I have always wanted to go to this one! Please give me that chance.

  • I’ve always wanted to try yoga and could really use this opportunity to de-stress from a difficult boss who is driving me absolutely crazy!

  • As a first year acupuncture student I’m learning how to harmonize my (future) patients’ Qi… but with all of my hard work and studying I desperately need to balance my own!

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