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Written by Ashley

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Lasio Studios is a boutique salon located in the heart of the East Village that specializes in the newest craze to hit hair salons nationwide: the Brazilian Hair Straightening. The Lasio Brazilian Hair Straightening treatment eliminates 85% of the curl and 100% of the frizz— leaving behind all of the volume.


Most Brazilian Hair Straightenings require four days of processing time, which usually results in greasy, gutter-rat hair. That’s why The Luxury Spot is teaming up with Lasio Studios to give away a One Day Treatment to one lucky reader. The One Day Treatment is a lifesaver for girls- and guys- on the go. The treatment has all of the trusted and lusted results of a typical Brazilian Hair Straightening with one added perk—the ability to wash your hair after only one day of processing time. No need to skip your yoga class or miss out on an important event! The One Day Treatment guarantees that you won’t be sitting on the sidelines for longer than 24 hours. This treatment is ideal for fine and thin hair, or anyone with an active lifestyle that can’t be put on pause.

If you’re thinking you would love to try out this star treatment ( Nicole Richie & Lilo are huge fans!), now’s your chance.

1 lucky winner to visit the Lasio Studios East Village NYC location to get their exclusive One Day Treatment.

20 runner up contestants will win the Lasio Studios Keratin Pro Light Gloss ($14 value).


  1. Comment with your fondest hair memory. Best hair day? Wildest haircut? We wanna know!
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  • I have very thick, coarse, curly and over processed hair. In the search for straight and beautiful hair, I purchased the Revo brush. I had such high hopes that this miracle brush would answer all of my prayers in the search for straight, manageable hair. My Revo brush finally arrived and I read the instructions, charged it and was ready to go. I followed the instructions very specifically so I could get the best results. To my surprise the Revo got caught in my hair and I could not get it out. After about an hour of trying to untangle the mess, I had to drive to the salon and have a stylist cut the brush out and then style my hair to make the awkward chuck of missing hair less obvious. It was a complete disaster but now I can laugh about it.

  • Growing up in Russia, when I was about 7, I used to get together with my guy friends to play War, and we used this plant “burdock” as our ammunition. I’m not even sure if that grows in America, but they are basically small, round, thorny balls that stick to your clothes and are really annoying to get out. The unspoken code of honor usually stated not to throw burdock into anyones hair. On that day, however, I managed to annoy one particular fellow by “shooting” him too many times, which consequently led to him throwing a big chunk right on top of my head. After a few unsuccessful attempts of getting it out, and knowing my grandmother will keep me inside for the rest of the day if I showed up looking like a mess, I found a pair of scissors and cut the burdock out. It looked a little uneven, so I cut a bit more until I had sweet, chopped up bangs covering my forehead. My mother almost had a heart attack, but I thought I looked fab.

  • I am not prone to nerves, but for one semester in college, every time I got really stressed out, I would just take a pair of scissors and cut a random hank of hair. No mirror, no planning, just whatever tufts I snagged first. When I was out and about on campus, I usually wore a scarf over my head (aaah, single-sex colleges in the early 00s) or put it back in a ponytail or braid, but whenever I wore it out, people would see how insanely uneven my hair was. I always made vague promises to myself that I would even out the wackiness the next time I felt stressed enough to chop off my hair, but I rarely remembered. Pictures of me from that semester are interesting, to say the least.

  • The good Lord has bestowed many blessings upon me; sadly, pretty hair is not one of them. I have spent every waking moment trying to tame my thick, frizzy, curls since I came out of the womb. Although I am beyond grateful for all of the recent, expensive advances in hair-care technology, I can still recall the first time I ever had my hair professionally straightened by a stylist. I was 12 years old and, up until that day, I had forced my mother into the role of my own personal hair slave – a time during which she would spend hours upon hours relentlessly blow-drying my coarse locks. This particular trip to the salon was the first time my hair had ever seen a professional flat iron (or probably any truly effective straightening product for that matter.) 4 hours and many tears of pain later, my untamed “rat’s nest,” as my aunt so affectionally referred to it, appeared silkier, healthier, and shinier than ever before. 12 years of ruthless effort and I finally felt beautiful for the first time. I will never forget how wonderful it felt – even though it only lasted two days. 🙂

  • when I was younger, I used to have smooth, straight hair. then I wished that i would have wavy hair. that was a mistake as now my hair is a big frizzy mess. i miss my hair from when i was a child. those were my best hair years that i probably will never get naturally again.

  • My fondest hair memory …worst experience…was when I decided to try blone in my jet black hair. I went to a place called, “Jamaica Me Beautiful”. Yeah right they Jamaica me UGLY. They died the top half of my head platinum blonde and left the underside black. I told them to do light highlights and this is what they do. I was mortified and cried. The lady was like oh well come back in three days and I can throw some toner on it. Needless to say I did not take any more of her advice or wisdom and I bought my natural hair color in a box and fixed it back. I was never happier to have my natural color and never since have desired change from my lustrious black hair.

  • My best hair day was my senior prom (awww). I got an amazing up-do very reminiscent of a chignon. As a 17 year old, the most I ever did to my hair was get a home perm so this made me feel super glamourous and grown up. To top it off, one of my friends was a hairdresser in training, so it was part of her course credit and completely free! 🙂

  • Hmm fondest hair memory… Was summer camp when I was 13. My roommate convinced me to put purple streaks in my hair, then I dyed it black—PERMANENTLY!!! My parents freaked out completely when they came to pick me up at the end of the summer, as you can imagine. But I didn’t want to cut my hair when it was growing out, so for my entire freshman year of high school my hair was half brown, half black. Not a good look but definitely a learning experience!

    Anyway I wonder if this is the same Brazilian treatment I had? I got one at Concept Salon http://www.conceptsalonnyc.com a couple months ago. I couldn’t wash it for 2 days after but I timed it for a week I didn’t have much to do and it was fine!

  • When I was in 8th grade, I made the mistake of letting my friend cut my very long hair into a cute bob…or what was supposed to be a cute bob. Instead she cut almost all my hair off and it was so uneven that the hair stylist had to cut it even shorter. It was horrible. My mom cried. I cried. And I had to wear butterfly clips for like 2 years (not because they were in style, but because it was literally the only thing I could do with my very very curly hair!). It was a bad time in my hair-life.

  • Worst hair memory was a few years ago when i was in humid South beach and I let my best friend attemt to blow out my curly frizzy hair..i looked like i put my finger in a socket afterwards and just wanted to put a bag over my head to hide!

  • My fondest hair memory is from when I was backpacking through south east Asia. I didn’t have a blow dryer or a hair iron so I had to let my hair air dry everyday. It the hot humid weather it would frizz up to a bid poof. Finally, one day I was so fed up with my frizzy hair, that I walked into a hair shop in Vietnam and told them to do something to make my hair straight. Well they sure did. They put some kind of chemicals on my hair and while it was stick straight, it was also very damaged. After that my hair kept breaking everytime I brushed it. When I finally got back home to the US my hair dresser took one look at my hair and asked me what I had don I explained and she just laughed. She warned me never to do something so silly again. Its been well over a year and my hair is finally getting back to normal. From now on, when I’m traveling in a distant land, and I don’t have a blow dry at my disposal, I will be revel in my frizzy air dyed hair.

  • When I studied abroad in Spain, the modified “European mullet” was very popular. The “mullet” is not a style I was actively pursuing at the time but after struggling with the language barrier one evening at a salon, I was left with a true mullet. My host mother said I looked like a true “Madrileno.” I guess that’s one way to fit in quickly!

  • Fondest Hair Memory: Age 7, begging mother to cut my hair like “so and so’s” Then Me: Screaming, crying for her to stop. I went to school the next day with half short hair on one side, long on the other. God, I was a pain in the @ss.

  • Years ago, I went on a trip with my family and I hated how my hair looked. I stood in front of the mirror in my hotel room and decided I had to do something. I created a new hairstyle by twisting some of my hair, making it into a headband, and leaving the rest straight. When I left the hotel room, I started getting compliments from complete strangers. Teenage girls came up to me and asked me how I did my hair. One woman even asked me if I could do her daughter’s hair for her wedding. I wore that hairstyle for awhile and I may go back to it again, if I let my hair grow that long.

  • A log time ago, when Fleetwood Mac was at their peak, I wanted a Stevie Nicks haircut. Every salon I went to had no idea what that meant! I finally found a tiny little salon, tucked way back on a flower lined ally in Carmel, CA. There, I got the best haircut of my life. It was layered (this was before layers were the thing) and it framed my face beautifully. I got many compliments on that haircut! A few months later, I went back to get a trim and the place had burned down. My heart and hair sank. It had been owned by the nicest and chicest hair stylist I’ve ever met and I remember thinking how sad it must have been for them. Their salon was tiny but cozy, full of color and energy. The personal service has yet to be matched. And now, in this day of layered styles, I still can’t seem to find someone who knows what they are doing. She was way ahead of her time and I’ll always remember that experience and how great I felt afterward.

  • My Greek heritage gave me very thick, coarse, dry, frizzy, pyramid hair that doesn’t even have a defined texture- i let it air dry and some tendrils will form into loose waves, others will stay somewhat straight. Once I brush it, the roots will be oily and flat, and the ends will puff out like there’s no tomorrow leaving my hair to look like an upside down pyramid. So its either straight and puffy or wavyish and frizzy. And I don’t even own a blowdryer. The good ones (tourmaline, ionic) are expensive and I feel the cheaper ones will just fry my hair. I am looking forward to buying the Bespoke Labs tourmaline dryer from Sephora b/c they have a travel size version which is much less expensive. But this can’t happen until I find a job. For now, it would be great to just wash & go and leave the house with a perfectly polished look. Plus, I’m sure this would help me get the job. I find my Mason Pearson hairbrush to help out a bit, as they contain a mix of mostly all natural boar bristle, with some nylon bristles. This helps to bring some oil from the roots down to the dry ends and leaves the hair looking a bit more balanced. I would call the purchase of my Mason Pearson hairbrush my fondest hair memory. It was expensive, but I still have it after all these years. Can’t wait to combine the use of my Mason Pearson hairbrush with a tourmaline dryer, but until that can happen a Lasio Brazilian Keratin Treatment would be just the thing!

  • I know it sounds vain (and i swear im not crazy), but my hair has always been such an important part of my life! It’s curly/frizzy, and truly has a mind of it’s own…so for just about as long as I can remember, I’d I spend/dedicate hours to blowdrying it straight with a roundbrish every couple days just so i can feel like have some gorgeous locks!
    A couple years ago, however, one of my dear friends was diagnosed with cancer and lost all her hair during treatment. I wanted to be there for her in every way possible, show her my support and dedication, and prove to her that we’re in this together. Without hesitation, I choped off my long locks that ive always worked so hard to maintain and donated it. Although it was (in comaprison to the other things), a small gesture, it meant the absolute world to her, and was one of the most rewarding things in my life. She is now cancer free for 5 years, my hair has grown back, and I couldnt have imagined it any other way!!

  • Everyone thinks my hair is thick but it is an illusion. I have very thin, curly hair that frizzes with a change in the barometer. I am looking forward to the day after your Brazilian Hair Straightening and Gloss Treatment, when every day will be my fondest hair memory day.

  • I have verrryyyy long, thick, wavy hair… I flat iron it every. single. day.

    A few years ago I had it japanese straightened, which changed my life!! I went to the gym, I went swimming, I washed my hair every day, it was amazing… Although life-changing it was also extremely expensive, so I haven’t been able to do it again since. I’ve been hoping to get the Brazilian treatment for a while now, as many of my friends have and they can’t say enough good things about it. Hopefully this is my chance!!!

    Thanks! Brittany

  • All my life, my hair was very non-descript: too dark to be blonde but too light to be brown, somewhere between long and short, and not exactly straight or curly. Eight years ago, I decided to lean towards more of a strawberry blonde, but the stylist I went to said that plan wouldn’t work. So instead of a few red streaks, I wound up going completely red. It made my eyes look bluer, my skin look fairer, and my confidence feel higher. I have stayed definitely red, grown my hair long, and nobody believes that it’s not natural.

  • So many stories but two that stick out in my mind . I have very thick curly and I always get it straightened, one time my former hairdresser was too busy yapping and gossiping and while flatironing my hair out, she burned that clump completely off and it was a big piece too and of course it was in a location that woould be very noticeable. the only thing I could do was cut it all off. i didn’t want my hair short but I had no choice (I had another stylist cut it for me – no way she was getting near my hair again).

    Second one was when a frien recommended a new salon to get my hair straightened, the experience itself was ok but the result was just bad. I ended up having big Texas hair and when i say big hair, I mean BIG HAIR! Nothing I did would make it go down, I finally had to buy a scarf to wrap round my hair. The cherry on top was the face that the same friend who recommended the salon got me a card with a cartoon character with big hair – I had to laugh

  • my very first time getting my hair professionally colored and one of my fondest, yet worst, memories was that of going into the salon to get blonde highlights in my brown hair. Needless to say, the stylist and I had a hard time communicating as I walked out of the salon with a full head of white-blonde hair. It was such a mess and my father felt so bad that he suggested that I should not be wearing black for a while as it accentuated how white my hair was… what an experience but now I only look back and laugh at the pictures… though it did take months to grow out and darken up…

  • My foundest hair memory was a hair appointment I had for a blow out. An hour before my appointment I had a blow up with my mother. I showed up at the salon when I got in the chair my stylest saw the tears in my eyes and asked me to trust her to try something new she cut my hair in a way I normally would never have tryed and I totally connected to her in a way I never had before. Needless to say I have been going to her ever since. It payes to take a chance sometimes.

  • I once tried to trim my own hair. I have very curly, thick, coarse hair and just wanted to touch it up, lose some split ends. Now, having curly hair means my ends don’t have to be even, in fact, usually looks better uneven, but having a good 2 inch difference from one side to the other is a little much! I’m always up for trying hydrating, deep conditioning too, trying to get these frizzy locks nice and silky… there have been a few times I thought I was never going to get the stuff out of hy hair! lol

  • In high school it seemed like everyone was getting a perm, so I decided to recruit a neighbor into giving me one. Little did I know that it really would be permanent…

  • Many years back when curls were all the rage….I got a perm that made my hair wash and go. Just air dry after applying some leave in conditioner. It looked great and was soooooo easy.

  • My wildest haircut was when I was in Junior High School. It was a 80’s Punk Rocker hairstyle that I hardly could manage. What got into me then? My fondest memory of the best hair day was when I went on a date with my college tutor when the tutoring ended. I did everything to make my hair look its best! LOL! I wish my hair would be that way now. My hair is dry, coarse, frizzy, curly and hard to manage! Help!

  • So I was 16. And stupid. And I decided that dreadlocks would be a good look. I know. Talk about teenage angst manifesting into something WAY out of control. Clearly my mother had a heart attack, which was magnified by the fact that we were going to visit my terribly conservative Grandparents in Australia the next week. For the first week or so I was forced to keep my ratty mess of hair in a bun thus concealing the dread locks. However, as time moved on, and things became clearer, ultimately I ended up in a bathroom in Australia with my Mother and 13 year old brother soaking my head in detangler and slowly, painfully, but surely brushing every last knot out. It took about 6 hours and two full bottles of detangler. Give me the hair straightening, please!

  • My most memorable bad hair day was in 6th grade. Wisp bangs were all the rage and I hadn’t had bangs since nursery school and decided for the 6th grade dance and graduation I would. My mom took me to the haircutter where I got them and they looked AWFUL! They were the worst thing ever! I then had to go to the dance and graduation with these dumb ass bangs that neither I or my mom could style. That summer I wore headbands almost everyday. I let those bangs grow out and have never ever gone back to having bangs again.

  • best hair day is still my wedding day!

    Since I don’t live in NY, I would still like to be entered to win one of the hair glosses


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